• Akila Venkatesh

#9: Turn up the AC by 1 degree

Summer is officially here!

I’ve always found it funny how people complain about the cold, grey winters, desperately awaiting the summer, only to sit shivering in their office cubicle during the summer months while the AC blasts cold air. What’s the point of sprucing up that summer wardrobe if you’re  going to cover it up with a sweater?

Turning up the AC even by 1 degree can save valuable energy and help reduce your energy bills. Turning it off when you’re not at home or using fans instead can help that much more. The energy saved by each person can cumulatively make a big impact in reducing the amount of non-renewable energy consumption by the city in which you live which ultimately helps in reducing environmental pollution (if you would like to learn more, there are many resources such as this one which provide information on the effects of energy consumption).

So, go ahead, turn up the temperature a notch, sport that new tank and enjoy the summer!


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