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#75: Remind yourself that ‘This is It.’

CC licensed image by Flickr user Forest and Kim Starr

This. Is. IT.

During one of her many mind-opening podcasts, Byron Katie said these words and they really stuck with me. The only moment that one actually has is this very moment right here, right now. Thoughts of the past and plans for the future are ideas in one’s head, but REALITY is in front of you, existing with you, right NOW. Then, the moment is gone in an instant, and another moment comes, only to start and end in a split second, followed by another one. Each moment is whole, important, real, and finite. Each moment is an end goal, a final destination in and of itself. Each moment is all there is. This is it. There is no reality beyond the moment we are in. As I type the words on this page, this is my reality, my existence, and as simple as each small instant of this typing experience may be…it’s awesome.

I’ve come to realize that part of mastering the art of being present is to appreciate the finality and thus preciousness of all the infinitesimal moments that we are blessed to exist among. Once I remind myself of this, I am better able to appreciate what the singular moment I am in, has to offer (the softness of the couch I am sitting on, a view of the trees outside, my breath, my child’s sparkling eyes looking at me), and revel in it. It’s easy to take these moments for granted, letting our thoughts, wishes, fears and busy schedules carry us away from reality and leading us to assumptions that we have an abundance more moments to come…assumptions that are themselves thoughts outside of reality.

I find myself saying these 3 words to myself as a tool to help me guide my mind back to the present moment. We never know what the next moment will hold, or even if we will have another moment, and it really doesn’t matter. This moment right here, right now, is all there is. This is it. Full stop. Enjoy it.

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