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#50: Make a fashion statement of Confidence

“The best fashion statement is…Confidence“–Akila Venkatesh (CC licensed image by Flickr user alebaffa)

I enjoy fashion, clothing and accessories…but I would say that the best fashion statement is….Confidence.  I thought of this sentence in my head about a year ago and wrote it on my white board as a source of inspiration. What makes you feel confident and how does that tie into the way you present yourself to others? Does self-confidence allow you to feel happier with what you wear or how you look, or vice versa? (There’s no right or wrong answer!)

Put an authentic smile on your face, be comfortable in your own shoes, be open and non-judgemental towards yourself and others and you’ll look great in almost anything. It’s about beauty from the inside out. 

I really enjoy D.’s blog and her post on this topic. We’re thinking along the exact same lines.

#fashion #smile #beauty #selfesteem #selfconfidence


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