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#5: Keep fit by training for a charity run

About a year and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to start working out more. On many….many occasions, I proclaimed to myself and my friends that I wanted to get back in shape, but starting and sticking to a regimented workout routine proved to be a feat. Although I was dancing and taking part in various physical activities, I was ideally looking for something that was motivating, accessible on a daily basis, and would whip me into shape all at the same time.

When I attended one of my fiance’s marathons, I was immediately eager to get involved. The number of people that came together as a community was incredible. Men, women, children, and families of all different ages and backgrounds were supporting each other with cheers and smiles. It was inspiring to see so many people push themselves to accomplish their goals, and the energy of the crowd was absolutely infectious.

I decided to register for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Run for the Cure. I thought that if I could combine my fitness goals wth my goals to help people, I would feel intrinsically motivated and it would be a win-win situation. The event was fantastic and touching as many people, including myself, were truly running or walking for people whom they knew were affected by cancer.

Since then, I have started training more diligently, although I still have a long way to go before I become a conditioned runner. Nevertheless, the opportunity to participate in meaningful events that combine fitness with helping others is something I definitely want to continue taking advantage of. In fact, there are a vast number of such opportunities which support various causes and involve a variety of sports (i.e., walking, biking, swimming, climbing), so if you are interested in keeping fit and giving back, there is surely something out there for you!

I would like to bike for charity because when you bike for charity it’s for a purpose, unlike when you bike in the park with your friends, when it’s just for fun. Biking for charity can help stop diseases in the world and save a lot of lives. –grade 5 student

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