• Akila Venkatesh

#42: Toss wipes in the waste

CC licensed image shared by Flickr user juhansonin

It’s funny how something you would have never once thought about in your entire life, becomes a regular part of your everyday after you have a child. My husband and I have done many a diaper change now and realized that although diapers can be composted (in Toronto), wipes cannot (we are still trying to learn more about the costs and benefits of cloth versus disposable diapers–an issue to discuss in another entry). Read packaging labels carefully and check your city’s composting regulations. All of the wipes packages we have seen so far, show that they must be thrown in the garbage and the city of Toronto website indicates that wipes cannot be composted. It’s a small thing that can make a difference. Enjoy those poopy diaper changes!

#babies #compost #diapers #greenbin


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