• Akila Venkatesh

#30: Wish upon a canvas

It is truly a gift of life to feel, see, smell, hear, all of the beautiful images, sounds, textures and tastes in this world. There is something about the way colours move me…a lovely magenta flower perked up amidst a lush field of green, gently tilting with the breeze, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky or the deep orange glow of the sun in the horizon. I can just feel it now…and it makes me smile.

The moment starts when the soft, clean bristles of my brush make contact with the subtly rough canvas, gliding, swerving, contouring, dabbing, whisking, flicking. Then, seeing the burst of colour, fresh and smooth, glinting with wetness, as it peels over the white canvass in a satisfying first streak. Blending it with other colours to realize new surprises, layering, mixing, outlining, thin lines, thick strokes, wide, flat, sharp, short…to create anything I want. It’s a meditative process and I feel grateful for the opportunity to do this.

I’ve also gained an appreciation for art and artists and the ways in which they can express a message, whether it be political, cultural, personal or just something that stems from the soul. Each piece is a representation of life, thought and emotion in a given space and time. It tells a story and can leave much for the viewer to imagine and experience.

There is so much talent and goodness in the world and if we can all find ways here and there to create a bridge between our interests and giving back to our community, we can work together to create a more unified sense of personal success and love. A wish for a better world and some colour in our heart can lead to many a masterpiece.

#art #painting #charity #colour #appreciation


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