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#29: Mind your mitochondria

If you could take control of your health, in order to prevent or even cure a potentially debilitating disease, by simply changing your eating habits, would you?

It’s simple: healthier human beings result in healthier and more productive societies. More productive societies mean that more people are actively contributing to their communities, while fewer are waiting inside of doctors’ offices and hospitals (placing less financial burden on the health care system and creating instead, greater economic prosperity).

In this remarkable and inspiring video, Terry Wahls, a doctor from Iowa, successfully defeats her progressive multiple sclerosis, without drugs. Her trick? Diet, exercise and stress management.

Wahls’ story and her research is making a profound contribution to helping others, particularly those with progressive MS, take charge of their own health. Furthermore, the diet regimen she prescribes is environmentally friendly as well. Her impact is enlivening, powerful, and for many people, life-changing. Thank-you for helping the world!

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