• Akila Venkatesh

#24: Get sweatered

Today is National Sweater Day organized by World Wildlife Fund, Canada.  In support of our planet and in order to raise awareness of the impact of energy consumption on global warming, Canadians are turning down the heat by 3 degrees and putting on warmer sweaters instead.

While I admittedly enjoy walking into a nice warm house after being out in the cold and feeling the warmth from the heaters permeate throughout my body, there is nothing like that warm, cozy feeling of your favourite soft, lush sweater (or any other piece of warm, comfortable clothing) against your skin. Ahhh. So, the next time you think of the cold weather go ahead and put on your favourite sweater! You can make a pledge in support of the cause (as I did) on the National Sweater Day webpage. Thanks for helping the world. 🙂


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