• Akila Venkatesh

#20: Be a ‘Well of Change’

Earlier this year, I went to a fundraiser and heard a woman speak about the importance of using one’s unique skills and talents to give back to the community.  Whether they be skills in sewing, dancing, accounting, teaching or anything at all, her message was that everyone can use their abilities to help the world in meaningful ways, as long as they step out of the traditional boundaries of their skill-set and find new avenues to put these interests into practice. In other words, create and be a bridge between your own interests and helping others.

While this message sounds simple, practically, many of us often find it difficult to find a convenient way to use our skills to help people, especially if those skills are not linked specifically to social causes.

I was recently informed of an organization in Toronto called Well of Change that deals specifically with this issue.  They offer a platform where people can volunteer their time and skills in order to raise money for charity and contribute to causes of their choice.  Although I have yet to post something on their site, I think it’s a great idea and am definitely interested in volunteering my skills to help raise money for good causes (dance lessons anyone?).  Well of Change is a convenient and accessible tool for skilled and talented people to use their unique abilities to help others.  Way to go and thank you for helping the world!


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